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march jewelbox

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 28, 2014, 12:14 PM

I saw the flowers come above the earth, so I decided to visit the dwarve again, he wasn't home in his cave . So I went to the elves , who gave me the new jewels .

Variation on Phoenix Ring by Angi-kat     Blue- the second by ioglass    Table lamp X - Fractal - by day 4 by Calabarte

Table lamp X - Fractal - by night 3 by Calabarte   BUTTERFLY 2 by KL-WireDream   Failure is not always a bad thing by Acidmittens

Koala egg carving by Rhed-Dawg   Steam Colonist Air Pendant by KeypersCove    Rino by hontor

Cozy Rag Quilt by dove-51   Ireland 8 by LeikyaStock   Snow Caps by MYPeanutGallery

Another Queen Anne by MYPeanutGallery   Flight by MYPeanutGallery    Trinity College , Dublin by burcyna

Chipmunk's Quest by MichelLalonde   news of the fall by O-Gosh   Two too pink by Mogrianne

007 by Placi1   ..: Umbrella - BW :.. by Mademoiselle-P    Flower For You by KmyGraphic

Roula's Flowers by KmyGraphic   seisen no iberia (Shaytan) by sandara     Disagreement 1678 by Sooper-Deviant

Phoenix 1948 by Sooper-Deviant   dry plant-macro by sonafoitova   Under the Dome by ShipperTrish

Dark side of a hummer by kayaksailor   Tiny Trio by kayaksailor    Drowned by organicvision

Ammersee by Aphantopus   Witchking of Angmar by SRudyThe Last Ray by SRudy

Charm of Norhern Lights by florescu    Memories of a Dead World by Suirebit   Dryad Archer Costume by Lillyxandra

Sunset castle by qi-art    BustEdit by JonKross   Dare Devil by emilcabaltierra

Kingfisher by kalmita   Water jet - Common kingfisher by Jamie-MacArthur   Peace Upon You.... by Tigles1Artistry

Old Coral out of water-7 by gigi5050.365 Sea of Diamonds by PiecesOfAnsley   Pre-Bonsai by organicvision

Please visit their galleries , comment their work or fave them.

Februar jewelbox

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 23, 2014, 10:43 AM

I found these jewels  between the flowering plants of the spring, I want them to deal with you. Hope you like them , fave  and comment them , and visit their galeries , they deserve it very much 

Nutella Cake by PerfectlyAbnormal    Red-Eyed Wonder by AliciaMarieCreations   White flowers of the Mediterranean Thyme by floramelitensis

Myrtus communis flowers by floramelitensis   I give you my heart by gigi50   inside a flower by forloveandpeace

Funky Fungi II by Oer-Wout   <da:thumb id="431111112"/>    Friends by jolabrodnica

Nahla by vadalein    thistle by ginamagnolia   My Morning 2-6-14 by Tailgun2009

dresden XI by roblfc1892   Birds by thestargazer23   Modeling Chocolate Roses Cake Up by CakeUpStudio

Utrecht by Nelleke    delicate by funkichkn    Butterfly by miirex

La Sorbonne - Paris - Watercolor Painting by nicolasjolly   Gurnards head 17 by forgottenson1   Kacper by danuta50

Black Panther - Wood burning by brandojonesOwl - woodburning by brandojones  Leopard - woodburning by brandojones

Ice queen petals by gigi50    Kayden Thomas Kilbane Yeagle by TomKilbane   Peru - Machu Picchu by lux69aeterna

First page of my new Sketchbook. by aenaluckSleeper by signmeupscotty     A Serenade Especially for You, My Love by CaryAndFrankArts

Oak door relief by kajkai   Jasmin 2 by kajkai    Workbench KajArnold Design by kajkai

Master cabinet by kajkai   Mr. Mittens by Japers   caverne des glace_concept by ourlak

And a birthday gift of JocelyneR  for me 

Peaceful Red Squirrel by JocelyneR

Points given for my membership  by :iconsesam-is-open:I Will Never Give Up by sesam-is-open
:,,            ,,         ,,                ,,                    ,, :iconjolabrodnica: The Little Angel by jolabrodnica

Winners contest Trees in de city

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 10:59 AM

:icontrees-with-character:Trees-With-character Held a "Trees in the City" Contest and here are all the Winners!!

:star: :trophy::iconyellowsparklesplz::iconspotlightplz:First Place:iconspotlightplz::iconyellowsparklesplz::trophy: :star:

Windows in the Sky
Windows in the Sky by DpressedSoul
More from His Gallery:
Defeated by DpressedSoulRetrouver la quietude passee by DpressedSoulThe Stranger by DpressedSoul
Leaving Eden by DpressedSoulStrangulation by DpressedSoulAutre Temps by DpressedSoul

:star: :trophy::iconyellowsparklesplz::iconspotlightplz:Second Place:iconspotlightplz::iconyellowsparklesplz::trophy: :star:

A tree in the City
A tree in the City by SignHermitCrab
More from Her Gallery:
Feeling of Autumn by SignHermitCrabWhen darkness falls, Magic appears by SignHermitCrabI Ching 24 - Fu (Returning) by SignHermitCrab
I Ching 27 - Yi (Mouth Corners) by SignHermitCrabWhen darkness falls, Magic appears - 2 by SignHermitCrabThe Bridge by SignHermitCrab

:star: :trophy::iconyellowsparklesplz::iconspotlightplz:Third Place:iconspotlightplz::iconyellowsparklesplz::trophy: :star:

The Cathedral
The Cathedral by torobala
More from His Gallery:
house by the river I by torobalafrom the light by torobalawinter by the lake by torobala
spirit of the morning by torobalaroad to nowhere II by torobalaalone in the fog by torobala

:star: :iconyellowsparklesplz::spotlight-left:Runners Up:spotlight-right::iconyellowsparklesplz: :star:

Survivor of Urbanism by Lazac-2

Old tree in an old building by ShlomitMessica

Castles of Dreams - XII.c by DimensionSeven

:star: :iconyellowsparklesplz:Honorable Mentions:iconyellowsparklesplz: :star:

Chapel Walkway by Allen59despair by NorthmannAutumn in the city by dashakern

You may view all entries here!
:iconyellowsparklesplz: [link]  :iconyellowsparklesplz:

new years jewelbox 2014

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 4, 2014, 10:50 AM

After a short break I went to the dwarve of the dark caves ,and was surprised his door wasn't sperred with snow, and that he has seen the colored lights in the sky. He showed me a bag full of jewels . These jewels I will show to my DA-friends 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 by tomsumartin    the Christmastree by Ingelore   Resident Robin by Ceri-PhotoART

Flowers lined up by a6-k                Blue Blue Blue Christmas by TomKilbane    fireworks by FayolaPhotography

Bettas Spar 1927P by Sooper-Deviant       Tundra 6576P by Sooper-Deviant         Sunny Orchid by Adonenniel

Paphliopedulum by FranticMezmer         hunter by Natamur     Thistle Heads by JanMea1213

Adored You by creativemikey    Roman baths of Hamat gader by ShlomitMessica   dA besT foR mY FRIENDS by nenmayk

Epic Gingerbread House by WhisperingSoul   Celebrating Winter Solstice by giedrez   First Comission of 2014 =) by FlyingFancy1

Enjoying the December light by jchanders   Cardinal and Redpoll by MichelLalonde   Happy New Year I by MadGardens

Untitled by LarsVanDeGoor     t i m e p i e c e by creativemikey    Inari Foxes: Oncilla by Santani

Birthday card for the January Birthday friends by Fairy-Nature-Lover          Royalty by NB-PhotoArt     strange face by indojo

Johnny 5 by NENE00         Carnivorous Beauty by George---Kirk           Bee by George---Kirk

Salad Suprise by George---Kirk        Astrantia by George---Kirk       Robin by George---Kirk

Thanks for making these jewels , and give the makers of these jewels the honour they deserve .
Fave their work, comment them and visit their galleries 

happy new year everybody

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 1:54 AM


                                   10 by marob0501                  9 by marob0501

                                                                                8 by marob0501

                                firework by marob0501       just exploded by marob0501

                                                                             red star by marob0501  
                                                             The best wishes for 2014  for everybody 

Jewelbox of December

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 10, 2013, 1:56 PM

This time I went to the snowy mountains in the north of America, where the weather is very heavy,I saw in our journal  on television . The people there have it hard too on behalf of the great  money crisis, some  people can't spend money any more for christmas or do their work properly, because they can't repair their machines , because there is neither money for. So let us help all people who are in trouble if you can !!!!

I got some precious  jewels from that snowy mountains, but I can't chamge them for money, I am so sorry.
But I hope you will enjoy them, see it as a gift for christmas ,folks 

midworld by indojo   Allium Fancy and Frosted by gigi50    taking you higher... by FeliFee

Morning light by lieveheersbeestje   Infinite Dreams by ZawArt   The Lord of the Ring cosplay. Elrond by Mellefuielle

Thranduil, Elvenking of Mirkwood by Simaell   Orchid flowers 22 by a6-k   Stripes - Ink painting by AuroraWienhold

The Return by Oer-Wout   Bird at the thistle by KoshaTanka    Blood by pls258

A ROSE FOR AUDRA by Dieffi    In Coming Kite - II by InayatShah   Face The Enemy by InayatShah

Pakistan Monument -II by InayatShah   Long John Silver - I by InayatShah   Railway Through Nature by UriahGallery

cemetery cat by raquelvonkaminaru    Akwarelka111 by neko-gato   Someting new in my life by RezzanATAKOL

As Helpless as a Feather on the Clyde by WickedOwl514   Bagalactic Footprint, A Collaboration by MadGardens   Mad Seed - Garden Fauna by MadGardens

Shades of Autumn 24 by MadGardens   Shades of Autumn 20 by MadGardens   Storm Lantern by Metal-Bender

Chow Time by PhotographsByBri   Tawny Frogmouth by DanielleMiner      Maja by danuta50

Untitled by Placi1    Dsc 0032-1 2 by Placi1   Untitled by Placi1

Leopard by HendrikHermans   Untitled by ENRAGEDBAKU   First Snowfall by 1001G

flight by Ceri-PhotoART   Scientists, Writers and Travelers by jolabrodnica   Pactmaker Guerrino (EX) by sandara

Hummingbirds watercolor study by sandara   Fallen by RhynWilliams   Butterflies by miirex

  All Yellow Close-Up by CactusThorns    ...dresden III... by roblfc1892      Befree by cocacolagirlie

Ivy Goddess (new) by MeredithDillman   The Lookout by MeredithDillman    Church S. Michele S. Candido by Nameda

December Robin by George---Kirk   Antique Cymbidium by Popsi   2012 September 15 - tasty apple pie  :) by Nexu4

Eclairs by shmnk    Holly fairy of Yuletide by Imramma   Tattoo Design: Dreamcatcher of freedom by DDesigns0

Robin by EsthervanHulsen   Peekaboo by Morgan-Lou   Mouse by alexanderjohn77

Caracal study by clive64   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by EsthervanHulsen   Fuzzy Feline by Nicole-Marie-Walker

Daydreaming by LarimarDragon    All That Is Gold by Art-of-Sekhmet       Owl ACEO by Leftblind

I'll hope you will enjoy them all, and give them their feedback they deserve, and let us all help eachother,as much as you can 

That's the real thought of christmas 

                                                                 Blue-Christmas by KmyGraphic picture of :iconkmygraphic:

second jewelbox of November

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 23, 2013, 12:21 PM

I will show you the jewels which are over of the treasers I got this month, they are also beautiful to see.

Here are they : 

Hawk Eye by IsaiahStephens     The Owls Three by IsaiahStephens    <da:thumb id="414472293"/>

                       Self Supporting by creativemikey      <da:thumb id="414477853"/>      <da:thumb id="400896964"/>

                 <da:thumb id="404907650"/>       Cuff number 1 by godunderfoot     Earwig by organicvision

Corner Stones by organicvision       Ivy Berries by organicvision     Surface triangulaire dans l'espace by organicvision

Cypres Branch by organicvision      Chesire pumkin design by Shady-V      Mushroom 35 by fosku

Unfurled by Molosseraptor        Parasol mushroom by SarahharaS1      Warrior Fura on Cabal by Fura01

WIP : animated Sky-city by Fura01        Meeting with the Primaeval by OlivierAccart         Gift from heaven by Rozowynos

Friendly Robin by FreyaPhotos       Egret Escape - II by InayatShah       Shadowfax by Nameda

Of wind and the rain. by dragonfly-oli      Autumn Beauty by shoughad     Amanita Muscaria by JanuaryGuest

Chinese Longevity Cake by cake-engineering     hopper III by indojo      Hermit Thrush by GarryKirsch

Highlighted Lion by DeeOtter       Halloween Night by MissGribouille     The Final Journey From Fall To Winter by 33M

White Pearl by artnovember    <da:thumb id="405990178"/>   Naiad by blackcurrantjewelry

Elven tree by Galendae      ...siena I... by roblfc1892       Happy birthday, Heather by ShlomitMessica

Happy birthday, Judina by ShlomitMessica    Happy birthday, Luiza by ShlomitMessica    Swans by Poppysleaf

Johannisbeeren by FayolaPhotography          Mystic Blue by CrowManIC      Mustard Koi fish- Mustard #4 by Dustywallpaper

Marble (Pencil drawing) WIP by Dustywallpaper    autumn look 9 by ingeline-art    Fullsleeve Commission by Asfahani

Ardeola ralloides by RichardConstantinoff     Wonderland sunset by AuroraWienhold     Wanna See An Iguana by TheeEmmyKay

my butterfly by forloveandpeace    Long burn the king! by IgorObara

Give them the honour they deserve, comment them and visit their galleries .

new Jewel box november

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 5, 2013, 12:39 PM

This time  I went to the dwarf of the dark caves , and he told me  that I have to search at the end of the wood for the jewels, because the heavy wind the jewelbasket is blown away to that side. There I met the trolls ,who captured these jewels . After a short talk I promised them to give them some food in return  of the jewelbag . They gave it to me.

Here they are th blow-away jewels : 

Sherlock by Puppet-Girl86   Almost Extinct by clippercarrillo   Untitled by Placi1

Dsc 0041-1 by Placi1   Xdsw by Placi1   Dsc 0048-1 by Placi1

Untitled by Placi1     Oystercatcher along the Westerschelde by Lentekriebel   Cardinal in Cedar Wallpaper by MichelLalonde

Quiescence by babsartcreationsPiplup and the red berries by plumita1   Purple - Black Iris flower by SOFIAMETALQUEEN

What are you looking at? by sara-satellite       Colors of Soul by OrangeQbe     Fingerprint - Waiting by nicolasjolly

gongylus by ENRAGEDBAKU    Journey (collage of old work) by Kristigaard   October in vineyard by oxalysa

Purple by WickedOwl514    Hunter by toniart57   Switezianka by BogdanCh

Livin' like a dayfly by TheRafflesia    Whoa by clippercarrillo    Monarchs' For Ozzie by feo-frank

Parus major-Pitigoi by Alexandru-MM    Eine Katze by sponqi08   Boom, Head Shot! by iggychan89

The Three Doctors by thelostboy13     May Fly by Joe-Lynn-Design    May Fly - Fish Fly by Joe-Lynn-Design

Lion by Joe-Lynn-Design    956 by R-TDesigns   Bob's Toothpick City by ToothpickCity

What'cha Look'n At? by MadGardens   Swan by MadGardens   My Sunny Day VII,   Carpe Diem MM by MadGardens

The Ancient by Synari   Waiting in Ambush by Synari   On Pause by Synari

Red Jewel by organicvision    Reflect by scotto   Pink finger orchid by Ratabago

C menzeii profile by Ratabago   ...mostar VI... by roblfc1892   Orchid flowers 12 by a6-k

Autumn auburn by gigi50   Bunny! by PrettyBirdie1   13th Beach Storm by DanielleMiner

<da:thumb id="402500810"/>    Lovely Lady in Red... by LadyAliceofOz     Spring comes softly... by LadyAliceofOz

A flower for Kevin... by LadyAliceofOz   Young Cedar Waxwing by GuillaumGibault   WIP - Love by jankolas

Please visit their galleries , they deserve that honour and leave a comment behind

A big thanks too

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 27, 2013, 8:50 AM

Tom Kilbane :icontomkilbane: I know there's a photo here someplace! by TomKilbane

who gave me a new sub of 3months 

Here is some art of his work, he deserves some attention, are you interested in his work, so visit his site too :

  water flows by TomKilbane   Three little girls by TomKilbane   Ink Trees by TomKilbane

10/08/2013 by TomKilbane   Kayden Thomas (Kilbane) Yeagle by TomKilbane   Ink by TomKilbane

purple flower by TomKilbane    Sherrieta by TomKilbane   Pancakes for the hungry by TomKilbane

Wet Flower by TomKilbane   Happy B-Day Lucilaleyla by TomKilbane   tattoo back by TomKilbane

Duck Head by TomKilbane   TUBES by TomKilbane   Egret in flight by TomKilbane


Thanks again Tom

Flag Counter


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 24, 2013, 10:28 AM


TO ME A SUB WAS GIVEN OF 3MONTHS  BY :icontomkilbane:




Journal Entry: Wed Oct 23, 2013, 2:26 PM


I will stay at DA, my home-site  with a lot of  friends here !!!! Thanks for all your support till now .

October jewelbox

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 19, 2013, 6:52 AM

Again I went to the dark  caves of the dwarves , there I found  a letter for me. In that letter was written that I have to go to the hobbits, fellows, who enjoy every minute of the day, there I should find the next jewels, to show to everybody.
Here they are :    

Owl by Mad-Margaret           Here by pls258   Warlock the Hunter by 3-hares
Hogwarts Castle Paper Model - Finished by ana-wandmaker   In-the-RainWarm rain falls in drops to waiting
puddles, forming pictures of the sky.
Echoing footsteps cause ripples that
sing. I smile at rainbows on the ground.
A rush of beads play a rhythm akin to
wind during springtime. Upendi! Live!
Awake and shifting like sunlight, soft
laughter reflects dew-plucked strings.
Dance in the rainstorm, slide your feet
through colors on the sidewalk and paint.

Mother and Son by darkSoul4Life           I-182 by myekeh     Autumn Wolf V by CanicularDays

Fly by emilyblox   Downside Up by emilyblox   Fly On A Rock by emilyblox

Yellow Beauty by CaryAndFrankArts   pink lupine by cheah77         Doe a Dear... by panda69680102

Cute Box Elder Bug by Loffy0   Swamp Milkweed by Loffy0   A quickie before winter comes... by Stilleschrei

He has such regal colours by The-Dude-L-Bug        Werewolf is watching you by Exileden     Father - oil painting on canvas - millani by fabianoMillani 

Equality... by TheSignmaker    LDPOB by Enkased   Dream Catcher by JenniferHealy

Sheep in the Snow, Ireland III by younghappy   Purrrrfect by In-the-picture     flowers by FayolaPhotography

Hope you will like them too

My sub is running out on the 24th of October , who will help me out, I have not enough points for a sub .

jewelbox august 2013

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 25, 2013, 12:53 AM

After a short vacation  I went to the dark caves, and the dwarf was expecting me .
He  showed proud the new jewels, he found ; here they are :

Mr blue showing his beauty by Stilleschrei      Heavenly blue damselfly by Stilleschrei     For a walk - 019 by ThePancakey 
  Fuel by Helens-Serendipity   Blue Dragon by sandara     My Quilt by L-I-M-E-A-D-E   
 Butterfly by L-I-M-E-A-D-E    Rumelihisar by Magdyas       Lovely Tulip by JocelyneR  
  White and Blue Ombre Fantasy Wedding Gown by Lillyxandra     Sweet Innocence by PhotographsByBri        Purity by CaryAndFrankArts
A Pearl from Nature by FrankAndCarySTOCK     You wouldn't believe it, Mum.. by akabeko     Smoke And Ashes by HippieVan57 
 character sketches by CxArtist    Fallin' by diensilver               Shine on by diensilver 
 Since you've been gone by diensilver     Almond tree with view by ShlomitMessica   Green Landscape 1 by Nanette55  
 Golden Days by Corvidae65  Gentiana clusii by organicvision    Fuzzy Seeds by GraveyardCat
<da:thumb id="380863847"/>             <da:thumb id="382400558"/>          Looking for a Friend... by jolabrodnica       
  Crochet Doily by jolabrodnica  Chickadee in Snow by barcon53       White breasted Nuthatch by barcon53   
 Gaywing by barcon53     Fairy Bed by barcon53  Red Veins by jus4taday 
 Food For The Crows by wolfenphotography      Majestic II by MissLoony          Snowy Owl by Jooihi
Open Heart by SchwarzWieEbenholZ   Polly wants a Cracker by SchwarzWieEbenholZ         Waterdrops On Rose Petal by CecilyAndreuArtwork
  More Butterfly Flowers by andras120  Untitled by sofiaeinarsson     Broomstraw by barcon53

When you have enjoyed these jewels, visit their gallery too and leave a comment there, they are worthy to visit!!!


Journal Entry: Tue Jul 9, 2013, 10:42 AM

:Thanks to all , who gave me membershippoints. last two months:                                          It is a big honour for me !!!!

:iconshlomitmessica: Sycamore fruits by ShlomitMessica                           :iconingelore:my babies by Ingelore

 :iconearthhart:         And Then It Flew Away by EarthHart                            :iconmartina-ww:Visitor by Martina-WW

:iconlucilaleyla:            Un Atardecer by LUCILALEYLA                            :iconsesam-is-open:There Is Love Inside by sesam-is-open

And a big thanks to :iconcreativemikey: for a very friendly gesture to give me 3months membership and  membershippoints  , with the kind words       "  You are so special, need I say more. "    I  was completely confused when I saw my mail this morning .

Friendly Gesture by creativemikey


latest jewelbox snif-snif

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 8, 2013, 11:00 AM

This is the last time  I can visit the dwarf of the dark caves, because my sub is running out  in 16 days.

He took me to the big treasurebox, to choose out, the nicest jewels

Here they are : Proactive by creativemikeyBarbarian by SilviuSadoschihoneysuckle by Sugaree33-Art
                            UNREQUIETED LOVE by Sugaree33-Art  reflection by Ingelore    No time to lose by Helens-Serendipity
                            Foxy Orchid by organicvisionSwallow Tail Butterfly by Nikonfinest   Wildbee by buleria
                          Guzel by LUCILALEYLA<da:thumb id="377718492"/><da:thumb id="376515707"/>
                            Fallen angel by diensilver red tears... by FeliFee   Floating Clouds Add Color To My Sunset Skies by 33M 
                           <da:thumb id="381312396"/>   <da:thumb id="380027176"/>     First Flight by clippercarrillo 
                           Hawk by HendrikHermans   Butterfly by BrillianceDisplay   Hummingbird by BrillianceDisplay 
                           Red Panda 2 by HendrikHermans    Daydream by Oer-Wout   Mandala 19-06-2013 by TamaraButterfly
                           Mandala purple pink sweet by TamaraButterfly    Floracopter by EarthHart Hot and Spicy by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
                          Great Grey Owl by sylverface   Glenariff 'Queen of the Glens' Northern Ireland by younghappy   Angels by organicvision 
                          Black Swallowtail 5 by Synari    <da:thumb id="327368336"/>      Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Goldenrod 2 by Synari
                         Parasite by tamasvegvari    Ibiza waves 17 by forgottenson1   Patties Plum . by 999999999a
                           Rotunda 2nd Level - Manitoba Legislative Building by Joe-Lynn-Design           Dragon of Northern Lights - tattoo design by AlviaAlcedo

I NEED  ABOUT  1000 points to get my sub round for a new year  WHO CAN HELP ME OUT !!!!!!!

Please vote for my picture

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 23, 2013, 5:37 AM


I'll hope everybody will vote for my submission in the Canonrace  for a new camera

Push on "stem "

My sub is running out

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 23, 2013, 5:18 AM

Who likes my jewelboxes, I like to continue my jewelboxes, but that is only possible when I have a sub.

I like to spread the art on DA  , Who can help me to some points for a sub.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Many thanks    for the persons who can help me !!!!!!

jewelbox June 2013

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 5, 2013, 10:14 AM

I went this time  with great speed to the dwarf of the dark caves , because of the terrible news , and  he told me that he couldn't go into the caves, because the water was  standing very high there, he asked me to go to the elves , they have also nice treasures in their kingdom . I went to them and found very nice jewels , which I want to deal with you .

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If you enjoy the jewels of the dwarf, please fave them and visit their galleries.!!!!

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jewelbox may 2013

Journal Entry: Thu May 16, 2013, 11:40 AM

This time  I went to the dwarve , and he had nothing found ,because he want to rest in the sun .
He pointed me to the elves, they have found this time nice jewels .

Here are they :

Trabzon Yaylalar HDR by ilkererdalBugun... by fiyonk14Oxypilus Annulatus by ENRAGEDBAKUEn mouvement by ameliasantosGrasshopper by ameliasantosWho are you by ameliasantosBrunette by ameliasantosvermelhinho by ameliasantosHungria by doctoryankoMother's Day by ZoranPhotoJLD Logo Fractal Version 2 by Joe-Lynn-DesignPurgation by HolasekSpring by CaryAndFrankArtsNatural Beauty by CaryAndFrankArtsNap of the Sumatran Tiger by Momotte2A perfect autum leaf by NikonfinestBrown headed cowbird by Nikonfinestrivendell Work in Progress by AliceInAutumnSpring wind by RighonLegolas by AndreevaPolinaCom - Rivendell's music by ChenriaThere is still hope by FantaasiatoidabIt's a little late by lieveheersbeestjedamselfly by rok993abandoned by rok993protect me by rok993Smooth,Sweet, delicious.....1 by a6-k:thumb365424918:Pomegranate 2 by DVanDykOne life to live by XRlSLonely Souls by youngmoonsExplorer by youngmoonsZemaitukai by youngmoonsAdoration by CaryAndFrankArtsThose Yellow Rimmed Eyes by kitten-in-a-hatPosing by SauroctonusPetal deer by creaturesfromelGrebe by FrankAndCarySTOCKThe Prayer Hall by La-Vita-a-BellaSimplicity by sesam-is-openWater Assassin by EternaLegendBlackwork... by Helens-Serendipitydog studies by akreonTwo Tree by DiptiArtRunning Horse by DiptiArtFrom my garden by Dance0927Crazy Salmon by inoxdreamsGandalf by jankolasPink Puffs by kitten-in-a-hatFl5 by aic-eFlower01 by udocheckerPrincess by LUCILALEYLAEmpty Corridor by Joe-Lynn-DesignSummer Memories by PajunenPaint Me a Spring by KatiaIvaArts.:Spring Is Coming:. by bogdanicipom pom by virtualgadjodrowning in a sea of ... by mynameistranDay 199: Poppy Fields by Kaz-D

If you enjoy the jewels of the dwarf, please fave them and visit their galleries.!!!!

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Reference contest

Journal Entry: Wed May 1, 2013, 12:28 PM

Here are the winners of the Reference Contest=

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